The Lumerion Mindset

The Lumerion pharmacy lamp can best be described as modern technology in the service of classic form. Although illumination is highly personal in nature, it is difficult to understate the improvement in light quality and quantity produced by our lamp. The letters on the page are sharp, the colors are true, shadows disappear. Clear, vibrant and true, that’s how we feel about our lamp. When you try it, you’ll notice the difference too. But just in case, let us tell you what you could be missing:

Illumination Quality – Enhances reading retention, experience and quality.

The Lumerion lamp has an optimal balance between LED density, spacing and diffusion to preserve reading text contrast and letter edge definition, while eliminating point source shadows.

Flicker Free Light – Natural light doesn’t flicker – why should yours?

Constant Illumination Flicker Free Light Source: Our lamp eliminates eye strain resulting from flicker produced by the traditional compensated LED and fluorescent light sources.

Stable Light Color – Vibrant and true from day one to year ten.

Our patented heat dissipation techniques assure junction temperatures well below the limit for 50,000 hour lumen and color temperature maintenance of Cree LEDs.

Zero Power When Off – When it’s off, it’s off.

0 W Power Dissipation in the Off State: A majority of LED light fixtures utilize external laptop style power supplies which continue to dissipate power even in the off-state.

Energy Efficiency – Low carbon footprint.

Our light is equivalent to 100W, balanced spectrum white light at real power dissipation of less than 20W.

Instant Light On – Need immediate gratification? Ours turns on instantly.

Most LED fixtures require 3 – 4 seconds to turn on and often flicker during the turn-on interval. Not ours.

Dimming – Take control of your illumination.

Our lamp has linear dimming with a 10:1 adjustability range from 10 – 1100 lumens.

Safe Touch Shade Temperature – Safe for all fingers, even little ones.

Even at a 100W incandescent equivalent illumination, our lamp’s shade is safe to touch, unlike traditional incandescent fixtures.