Our Story

Lumerion was born out of our parent company, System to ASIC, a technology company in the Pacific Northwest. In our line of work, we use table lamps to avoid the eye strain imposed by fluorescent lighting. We excitedly looked to emerging LED lighting technology for further improvement in workspace ergonomics. Instead, we discovered poor quality illumination, styles designed specifically for LED technology, and a complete absence of elegant forms. Of course as engineers, we understood the technical difficulty of adapting LED technology to esthetically pleasing shapes, but found the challenge irresistible. We wanted to make LED technology work in the classic lamp styles we already loved. When our first prototype produced so much light that even the smallest lines of engineering drawings came out of the shadows, we knew we had something special.

For over two years, we designed, redesigned, tested and retested our design. From heat control to lifetime light stability. From mechanical adjustability to tip free operation, every aspect of the design has been meticulously analyzed, tested and integrated. The final result is the Lumerion pharmacy lamp: a perfect union of a beautiful classic lamp style with modern illumination technology.